Brian Renadette

Video Game Writer


I'm a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing. I've used my writing abilities to help provide content for video game news websites such as GameRant and TechRaptor, as well as video games such as Monochrome RPG.

Work Email: [email protected]
Discord: MKCyborg#9060
Twitter: @Brian_Renadette


I was brought aboard DVNC Tech in the Summer of 2020 to work on Monochrome RPG, my first role in a major video game outside of a game jam. Monochrome RPG is a punny 1920's rubberhose-themed RPG that's planned to be a trilogy. I got onto the team by being a winning entrant in a character design contest where participants write a short story revolving around their own original characters. On the team, I've helped flesh out characters for side quests, led a group that built the history of one of the game's factions, and assisted with other worldbuilding tasks. I'm currently in the process of working on a new upcoming game called Rosett and building that game's world.


From February to March 2022, I was hired to write for what was (at the time) a mix between a visual novel and a tactics game. My work had me brainstorming with other team members to create details about the world and characters that would be in the game. In addition, I designed quests and wrote dialogue for the game's cutscenes. Sadly, I was only able to work on the game for one month before I had to be let go due to financial concerns.

Game Jams

I've used my writing skills to assist in creating a variety of games for several different game jams. These games include:

  • Thief's Dreams: A 3D adventure game, sort of like Gone Home in you move around and explore environments. I did all the writing in this game.

  • A Bar in Space: A game made for Ludum Dare 42, which had the theme 'Running Out of Space.' I did the lines for the aliens.

  • The Sin of Pride: Made for My First Game Jam Summer 2019, which had the optional theme of 'Pride.' In addition to doing the writing that you see between stages, I also did the pixel art for this game (via Piskel.)

  • Knight Fu: A game made for the Yogscast Game Jam 2020, with the theme being "Surprise." I did the Princess's lines at the end.

  • Plus One Witches: A game made for the Pompous Trash Jam by the Society of Play. I did the writing for this game about love, heartbreak, and macabre magic.

  • Summer Days: A vertical slice game for the Brackeys Game Jam 2021, which had the theme of "Let There Be Chaos."

  • Project 9th Monday: You can read the script here. A more experimental game created for the Society of Play's Trick or Treat Jam. I did the writing, which includes branching paths, for this game that made use of the player's voice to choose how the story proceeds.

  • Mama's 1st Night: A short visual novel game made for Narrative Driven Jam #9, themed around "Warm Feelings". In our case, those feeling were centered around a new mother talking to her newly-born child.

Podcast Scriptwriting

A promotional picture for the first season of The Adventures of the Fox in the Fedora.

In 2023, I was hired to help write the script for a fantasy adventure podcast called The Adventures of the Fox in the Fedora. I took story summaries written by another member of the team and turned them into full script drafts that were later used by the voice actors to tell the story. The podcast also features a couple of well-known voice actors as guests, including Estelle Ellis (Krystal from Star Fox)
and Mike Pollock (Eggman from the Sonic games.) The second season of the podcast will be releasing sometime this Fall.

Video Game Journalism

I've written for several different video game news sites since college. In these jobs, I've written news, guides, and (p)reviews for a variety of games. Click on the names below to see what I've written for that site.

Volunteering and Streaming

Since 2020 I've been a regular volunteer for Fastest Furs, RPG Limit Break, and The RPG Valkyries. These streaming groups hold regular speedrunning marathons to raise money for charities. During these events I've acted as both a chat moderator and a social media volunteer:

  • As a chat moderator, I played an important part in the streaming experience by keeping chat friendly and hate-free. In addition, I was also tasked with updating the stream's info in order to keep it up to date with the marathon.

  • My social media volunteer experience had me using a tool called TweetDeck. By using this tool, I scheduled tweets announcing upcoming runs and incentives, keeping followers informed on what was happening with the stream.

Contact Me

Email: [email protected]
Discord: MKCyborg#9060
Twitter: @Brian_Renadette